Mission Statement

The mission of New River Health is to promote the health, human and economic development, and well-being of individuals and our community through caring and competent health services, education, creativity, and teamwork.

New River Health Board of Directors

A volunteer Board of Directors serves New River Health (NRH) as bylaws and HRSA require. The Board must be comprised of at least two members of the UMWA, a percentage of NRH patients, and residents of Fayette, Nicholas, and Raleigh County. Terms of service are aligned, so that the Board has both experienced and new members in a reasonable cycle.

Committees work toward efficiency in the Board’s business matters. Executive, Finance, Strategic Planning, Performance Improvement, and Governance committees share information, review reports, and keep operations current.

Committees meet monthly and take recommendations to the Board. Other committees, such as Building, may be added as needed.

The Board meets on the third Thursday of every month, but may alter the date to accommodate holidays.

The Board of Directors are: Evelyn Hizer, chair; Angela Sundstrom, vice chair; Joe Brouse, treasurer; Erin Reid, secretary; Gabe Pena, past chair; Paul Lively; Rose Ann Michaels; Robert Simmons; Gary Hairston; Nathan Hollister; Steve Pawlus; Sharon Bradley.

History of New River Health

A state known for its coal mining, the United Mine Workers (UMWA) has been an influential segment of West Virginia history.

In the 1970’s during a push by the UMWA to improve the access to and quality of health care for its members, New River Health was one of the organizations which was founded. Opening in a former storefront in Scarbro, WV, with less than five full-time employees, NRH soon moved into a larger clinic facility.

Many of the founding fathers and mothers of NRH worked for the organization and/or served as Board members to insure business expansion.

Dr. Daniel Doyle, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, and his wife, social worker Linda Stein, joined Craig Robinson, a former VISTA volunteer who moved to WV, and UMWA members as the NRH central force.

Although NRH started serving patients for urgent care and general medical conditions, the business of health care evolved to include services such as cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, chiropractic, women’s health, prenatal care and children’s health, management of chronic diseases, Black Lung services, pharmacies, counseling, dental health, in-school health centers, and medically assisted treatment (MAT). Today, 175 NRH staff members serve patients in three main locations with three pharmacies, two dental offices, ten school health sites, as well as numerous collaborations and partnerships with other quality health care entities in WV.

NRH strives to be an active community partner, and sponsors events and activities which promote physical fitness, wellness, and education.

CEO John R. Schultz describes NRH as a hometown oriented business, where patients know the staff and feel comforted by their care. “Employees have become part of a family-oriented organization, where we try to ease our patients’ apprehensions, respect their needs, and care for them holistically. Entire families come to New River Health throughout their lives. And, many of our staff retire from NRH. We look forward to continuing to serve this area as we grow to meet the needs of all patients,” said Schultz.

Senior Leadership

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) depends on a staff of directors to manage the various New River Health departments and NRH staff.

Roles include, but are not limited to, Chief Medical Officer CMO; Chief Financial Officer (CFO); Human Resources/Compliance Officer; Chief Information Officer CIO; Director of Nursing/Operations; Director of Pharmacies; Director of School Health.

NRH’s team: CEO, John Schultz; CMO, Angela Barker; Director of Nursing/operations, Jerri Jones; CIO, Luke Hrabrosky; Director of Pharmacies, Karen Reed; Director of School Health, Cindy Whitlock.

From L. to R. NRH Board members: Steve Pawlis, Evelyn Hizer, RoseAnn Michaels, Paul Lively, Erin Reid, Robert Simmons , and CEO John Schultz. In back: ZMM Project Manager, Senior Architect Mike Philllips.