Did you know that the cases of newly diagnosed black lung disease has almost tripled in the last few years? Our Black Lung Clinic was established in 1982 out of the 1977 amendment to the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act. Our clinic provides treatment and rehabilitation for Black Lung patients and others with occupationally related pulmonary diseases.

We recognize each miner/worker as a whole person and provide diagnosis and treatment for illnesses related to Black Lung disease including medication and how to use it properly, nutrition, anatomy and physiology of the disease, energy conservation for your lungs, smoking cessation and rehabilitation. We are also housed in a Primary Care Clinic where you may also be treated for other health conditions including health maintenance, lab servicesx-raybehavioral health and dental services. For patients with no insurance coverage, we offer a sliding fee program based on the annual income and number of people living in the household.

As a member of the National Black Lung Association we are closely affiliated with our sister clinics both here in West Virginia and across the country. Click on the map to see an enlarged map of National Black Lung Association clinics in West Virginia or visit the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Black Lung Clinics Program.