New River Health offers one-on-one counseling with licensed staff at Oak Hill, Summersville and school health sites. Patients of all ages may be directed to these services after observation by their provider, or when the patient feels the need for counseling. NRH does not require a physician referral. Beyond NRH counseling staff, we may also refer patients to psychiatric care at our Oak Hill site on Saturdays as scheduled. Our pharmacy is also open those Saturdays to accommodate patient needs. School health based counseling requires a parental/caregiver consent. Students may be referred by family members, school staff or medical providers at our school sites. Forms are available in the school health section of the website or may be emailed to caregivers from the school sites upon request.

Your Mental Health


It’s as Important as your Physical Health


There should not be a stigma to seeking and receiving mental health care and services. At NRH, our behavioral health providers listen with a caring heart and adapt their expertise and experience to your personal or family situation. Whether you’re challenged by stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mood swings or other issues you cannot understand, our staff will carefully and methodically listen and offer direction. As you learn tools to better handle your roadblocks, you may need fewer visits or even be able to use what you learn on your own. Or you may discover, with our help, a need which may take more intensive work, or require additional services.

NRH offers one-on-one behavioral health at all school health sites. In a state at the top of rankings for kids in foster care and kinship homes, overdose deaths, and child abuse and neglect, counseling is critical to help students build resilience and not follow a dangerous or detrimental path. The only wrong answer to behavioral health questions is to decide not to seek help.  You may self-refer and set up appointments at any of our locations. We accept most insurance, and offer a sliding fee for those who qualify.

Call 304-469-2905 for an appointment for you or your family at Sophia, Oak Hill, Summersville or Smithers.



When you need help beyond our one-on-one counselors, we may offer psychiatric care to you. Working in conjunction with our providers, these certified professionals may add medication options. Appointments are scheduled one day a month at Oak Hill, and our pharmacy is open during that time.