NRH patients often struggle with health insurance, benefits, payments, sliding fee and other options, which may change with their jobs, their age, health challenges, and more. NRH’s Benefits Counselor will help people of all ages with questions about health care insurance, enrollment timelines, and benefits for which they may be eligible. NRH will help connect patients to local resources for help such as Farmer’s Markets, food banks, transportation, special state and federal programs and more. NRH offers a sliding fee to help pay for medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy services. Our counselor will help patients collect the information required to qualify. 

NRH Benefits Counselor will help you by phone or with in-person appointments. Call 304-465-2265 or email

NRH offers direction without bias to help you find the best benefits to fit your needs and your budget. Whether you face retirement and are unsure about options, or you have aged out of your parents’ medical plan, NRH can navigate the benefits arena. There is no charge for services, you do not have to be a NRH patient, and NRH is not affiliated with any private or government insurance plan.


Help with: 

  • Federal Marketplace plans – enrollment and changes
  • Medicaid enrollment
  • Medicare enrollment or plan changes