A chronic disease is defined as a continual, critical health challenge. Diabetes, heart disease, COPD, Lupus, and other diseases, which affect, but do not end, your life may be helped by working with a NRH team to manage nutrition, exercise, medications, timely appointments, and other oversights. At NRH medical, dental and behavioral health providers may work as a team to help you manage a chronic disease, and may also collaborate with other experts in our area, as well as any specialist you may see.


One of the most frequently diagnosed chronic diseases in WV is diabetes. When first diagnosed, many patients are confused by their medication, their dietary suggestions, their other health issues and more. Diabetes affects the whole body, so the more information a patient may access, the better his or her health outcomes may be.  Medical, dental and behavioral health staff may all be team players in a diabetes patient’s health care. NRH pharmacies have completed diabetes management training, and offer classes and/or one-on-one counseling. Although patients may be apprehensive about classes or talking in a group, many find that sharing their issues, trading recipes, making plans to walk together are often a by-product of information.

For details about classes, call the Fayetteville or Sophia Pharmacy using the main number 304-469-2905.