Yes, WV has another type of health emergency: drug addiction. Job loss, criminal activity and its consequences, losing their children, overdoses and death depict the rugged road of addiction. NRH offers a well-organized, highly restrictive, accountable Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program. Counseling and meetings are required. As patients work through the program toward recovery, NRH connects them to community services, help with housing and everyday needs, and opportunities to work in educational activities about drug use/abuse and addiction.

Referrals are accepted from medical professionals, but anyone may call to ask if he/she qualifies for this program. 304-469-2905.

For those challenged with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), the first step in recovery is finding and committing to a treatment plan that will work for them. NRH’s MAT program offers group and individual counseling, meetings, prescription strategy, and more. Required rules keep those in the program on task toward long-term recovery. The program also offers assistance with community resources.