Often referred to as school wellness centers, NRH locates staff within or close to schools where medical, behavioral health and dental providers offer services during a school day to students and staff. Why offer health care at school? Many students would not have health care services if it were not for school wellness centers. A family’s only transportation for their children may be the school bus, and employment for parents may not offer time off for children’s’ appointments.

A key factor is one-on-one behavioral health services. NRH staff collaborates with school staff, works with counselors, social workers, local agencies and families to insure students are emotionally healthy in a world full of confrontations and challenges. Parents/caregivers are asked to sign a consent to treat form (available online) so their children may receive services. Families may also use their regular doctors and other professionals with whom NRH collaborates. NRH wellness accepts most insurances to help school staff members.